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Travel World Expo: Kuwait 2013

May 2013 | Servcorp

The Travel World Expo, one of the Middle East's most well-attended travel and tourism shows, was held from May 13th to 15th this year in the Mishref area at Kuwait International Fair Ground, the country's first and largest exhibition space.

TWE attendees included top names in the industry, tour operators and of course, leisure consumers. Implementing strategic marketing and engaging in opportunities to network and attend key meetings, discuss incentives and mingle with corporate buyers are plenty. Press seminars, award ceremonies and dinner events are worthy parts of the proceedings to look forward to. The expo came to the community at an opportune time. With Kuwait's 2012 official GDP of $174.6 billion, exports a noticeable $109.4 billion (global ranking of 38), the country is both reasonably developed and the market is also ready for more.

The aim of exhibitions such as this is to attract revenue into Kuwait, strengthen the tourism sector and enhance the country's global image, contributing to its potential to be an international convention hub.

This year, Servcorp participated in this expo showcasing its modern and convenience-oriented virtual and serviced office solutions. Attendees were explained the numerous benefits of Servcorp's technology which is designed to help businesses succeed by helping them improve sales and their work life balance. ‘Office' becomes synonymous with ‘mobile', thanks to Servcorp's very own Onephone, which conveniently allows businessmen to travel with their office number, never having to miss a call. Also highlighted is the significance of being able to explore spontaneous business prospects by having access to book any of Servcorp's sleek business lounges and premium boardrooms in 150 locations worldwide via an online portal exclusive to clients.