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Benefits of having a serviced office in Kuwait

February 2013 | Servcorp

Get more, pay less… the recipe is easy: subscribe to one of Servcorp's serviced offices in Kuwait, get the latest technologies, the best corporate address, the finest international business environment, the most professional support, and much more, all for much less than what it would cost you to do it by yourself, when opting for a traditional business office.

In Kuwait, serviced office users appreciate:

The prestigious added value on their business cards, featuring such impressive details as a premium location for your business address and a single virtual phone number with global reach.

The readiness of a world class professional team to handle daily activities, such as the phone answering service, the mail forwarding service, as well as your special business requirements, like preparing your meetings, booking boardrooms and facilities, arranging your business events globally. Even when you're not present, you can be sure that your office is in good hands.

The cost effective flexible lease term, allowing you to spend your money only for your workspace, on your effective work requirements, instead of paying per square foot whether you use the space or not. The lease terms require no lengthy commitments, and you can upsize or downsize anytime, to fit your latest business necessities. Servcorp's serviced offices are, indeed, flexible offices that allow you to do business at your own pace!

The hassle-free all inclusive contract, and a single consolidated invoice monthly, which includes rent, business support services, building maintenance, electricity, cleaning services and more.

The promptness of set-ups, services and operational systems, while setting up a new office could take weeks or months, and waiting for the availability of internet connection and communications systems can hinder your activity when starting a new business. At Servcorp's serviced offices in Kuwait, everything you need to start is ready to use from the moment you step in the door. Focus on growing your business, and let Servcorp's experts handle the details.

The international business environment, offering you valuable networking opportunities, and allowing you to socialize and share ideas with professionals from all over the world, without even having to leave your office!

All the above, and more, will be within your reach when choosing a serviced office at Servcorp, Kuwait. Instead of being consumed on infertile pre-operating activities, such as setting-up, installing, recruiting, training, maintaining and fixing details, your time, money and effort can then be canalized to focus on your company's productivity and growth.

If you are interested in this winning formula, contact us at Servcorp, Kuwait, and shape up your office specifications according to your office needs!